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Couples Massage, relaxation, wellness
Love Therapy:-Couples massage for two, 'love touch' instruction, romance     ends w/ wine, strawberries and chocolate  

B-day Special:-You pay the age you become that day! With the purchase of a service at it's regular price. Most popular menu item!  ~~~

couples massage, relaxation, wellness
Couples:-Massage for Couples in the same room or side by side for the most romantic experience

Anniversary:- Massage & Scrub, Refresher facial, Manicure & Pedicure
belly massage for pregnant womens
Mom-to-be:- Pregnancy massage and Pedicure- at our spa, your home, hotel or hospital 

Divorce Pkg:- Stress relief massage, Detox foot treatment, sugar and honey scrub w/ Rejuvenating facial, fresh fruit, juice/ herbal teas 

Sport & Therapy Packages:-Prepay for 3  and get one free, prepay 6 and get 1 hour & 1/2 more. Best results with consistent frequency.*

Sports Massage, relaxation, wellness
Le Male:- Sport/ Custom massage includes chest, stomach, glutes (buttocks), Signature Men’s Facial, Mani/ Pedi  
$215 in / $275 out

Retirement:- 'True relax' massage, Refresher facial, manicure, pedicure, paraffin & glass of wine

Tween Dream (For Teens):- ½ hour student relaxer massage & ½ hour facial; express Mani/Pedi (AGES 11- 16)  

Ultimate Sampler:- ½ hr true relax massage, ½ hr refresher facial, express mani/pedi
Facials, skincare, wellness, relaxation
Times Two:- Massage and facial of your choice



               A  20% gratuity will be added to your service fee for your therapist for your convenience.