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 Yoga Sessions

All Yoga Sessions are booked by Private Sessions or Groups ONLY!! So there are no set class schedules available at this time. This encourages clients to either work on bettering themselves or get a group together and get healthy together. After all, working out is always better with a partner!

Yoga Session (Private)-$50

Yoga-Lates (Private)-$55

Yoga Group Session (Up to 4 Ppl)-$85

Yoga Group Session (Up to 8 Ppl)-$100

Aerial Yoga Session (Private)-$65

Aerial Yoga Group Session (Up to 4 Ppl)-$100

Kids Yoga Session (Private)-$40

Kids Aerial Yoga Session (Private)-$55

Kids Yoga (Up to 6 Kids)-$75

Kids Yoga (Up to 10 Kids)-$100

Family Yoga Session (Up to 4 Ppl)-$75

Family Aerial Yoga Session (Up to 4 Ppl)-$90

Kids and Family Yoga Session